Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ruby Essential Training - video tutorial part 1

 In Ruby Essential Training, expert instructor Kevin Skoglund teaches the fundamentals of Ruby, the popular object-oriented open-source programming language. Kevin begins by walking through the basic data types, demonstrating Ruby's control structures (loops, iterators, conditionals, and code blocks) and showcasing the elegant syntax structure of the language. Kevin explains variable scope and shows how to use methods, arguments, and return values to write efficient code. After covering the fundamentals, Kevin focuses on Ruby's object-oriented features. He shows how to define classes and explores OOP concepts, including instances, attributes, access control, and inheritance. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using Ruby in the Interactive Ruby Shell and in standalone scripts
  • Learning to write custom code blocks to find, merge, and sort
  • Using modules for namespacing or as mix-ins
  • Reading from and writing to files
  • Creating a full Ruby project from start to finish
 Content of video tutorials that I will post,divided in chapters and separated in parts:
In this video tutorial part 1, we will have:
 1. Introduction

 1. Introduction

   - Welcome 

  - Using the exercise files 
That is for today, next day I will post videos for next chapter.
Until then go look previous posts, it might be helpful.