Friday, December 28, 2012

What IDEs or Editors to chose for Rails

    Hello Ruby on Rails people,

  I suppose you already read  two previous posts. And if not all of you then some of you start learning  Ruby on Rails . In this post I will go through development environments on various operating systems.
  There are probably as many development environments as there are Rails programmers,but there are  at least two broad types: text editor/command line environments,  and integrated development environ-
ments (IDEs). 
  I will mention some of them:

         * Integrated Development Environments (IDE):
#If you're comfortable using an IDe, I suggest taking a look at the options mentioned below to seee what fits with the way you work.

               - RadRails, 
               - RubyMine, 
               - 3rdRails.
          * Text editors and command lines:
#Instead of using IDE, I prefer to use text editor to edit text,and a command line to issue commands. Which combinations you use depends on your tastes and your platform/operating system. 

                  Text Editors:
               - SublimeText Editor, 
               - TextMate Editor, 
               - Vim Text Editor.

                   Command Line:
               - OS X : iTerm (recommended), or native Terminal app,
               - Linux : the default terminal is just fine,
               - Windows : if developing within Windows itself, I recommend using command prompt that
                  comes with Railsinstaller.

Personally I did Rails development on Windows and Linux,so my choice will be Aptana studio 3. Reason is simple, it is complete environment that includes extensive capabilities 
to build Ruby on Rails,PHP and Python applications,along with complete HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing. Just one thing,I use mostly Aptana Studio 3 as text editor and I use terminal on linux and command prompt on Windows.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Railsinstaller Get Up & Running with Rails

    This time I will write about how to get up an run Ruby on Rails on Windows, OS X,Linux.

- Windows and OS X there is a web site called Railsinstaller a project from Engine Yard  .
   Railsinstaller  has everything you need to hit the ground running. in one easy-to-use installer,you get all the common packages needed for a full Rails stack. Download it now and be writing (and running) Rails code in no time. Packages included are:
                  Windows                                             OS X
  • Ruby 1.9.3-p125                                        Ruby 1.9.3-p194
  • Rails 3.2                                                   Rails 3.2.7
  • Bundler 1.0.18                                          Git
  • Git 1.7.6                                                    Sqlite 3070500
  • Sqlite 3.7.3                                               osx-gcc-installer 4.1
  • TinyTDS 0.4.5                                          JewelryBox 1.3.0
  • SQL Server support 3.3.3                         RVM 1.14.2
  • DevKit                                                      SM 0.10.3

 Also You can find on same web site previous versions of Ruby on Rails for Windows and OS X.

- Linux,well for Linux you can find various ways and tutorials how to install Ruby on Rails and get ready for running. Personaly I am using Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS,so I will show how to setup RoR on Ubuntu.

Setup Ruby On Rails, on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS in one simple command, Using the Rails Installer script. Just drag the script to terminal and relax, installation will be completed within few minutes (Depending on your internet speed). If something went wrong and you got stuck in middle, then follow the above link(post) for installing things one by one, or you can explain the problem via comment.

Download Rails Installer Script from Github -

    Well,that will be all for now,I hope all this was usefull. 

   Hope to see you soon,seeeeya :D

Two ways to start Ruby on Rails

       Hello Ruby on Rails lovers :D ,

  this is my very first blog about my travel to RoR. Anyone who wants to start with Ruby on Rails I suggest two ways.
        First is the way I did,I go through a book Ruby on Rails Tutorial book . That is probably the best book for starting RoR.
       Second way is learning Ruby first, I suggest depending on version of Ruby(1.8.7 or 1.9.3). Book is called Programming Ruby also known as PickAxe .First 450 pages approx. is important to go through,the rest is Ruby references.

        It is to personal choice how will someone start learning RoR. Honestly I advise to start slowly both ways. To learn any programming language need time,so its same for Ruby,Rails is web framework that is written in Ruby. Also before start learning Ruby on Rails I advise to get some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript which is very important to know before learning RoR. There is plenty tutorials on internet about these topics,google it and you will see :)

Well thats all for this first time, see you soon.