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The Pragmatic Studio - place to learn relevant skills,master new tools,and continually improve your craft

      More learning.       Less churning.

       The Pragmatic Studio is where developers have come since 2005 to learn relevant skills, master new tools, and continually improve their craft. Building and delivering a real application requires learning more than syntax, libraries, and APIs. To effectively craft a high-quality application, you also need to know where to start your project, what makes a good design, and how to adjust when requirements change. So that's the approach we take in our project-driven courses where you'll learn how to confidently build apps with the right tools and the right techniques.

The Pragmatic Studio is two-person company, solely owned and run by Mike and Nicole Clark.
Mike and Nicole Clark

They named company The Pragmatic Studio because they think the best software developers have a lot in common with artists and a studio is a workroom where artists practice and improve their craft.
"Our instructors have also had the privilege of helping developers learn new skills, tools, and programming techniques in hundreds of private classes offered on-site at companies around the world.  
Over 2,500 developers have attended at least one of our in-person courses, and thousands more have taken our online courses. 
Our courses are unique because they're taught by programmers who have spent substantial time in the trenches on real-world projects figuring out what works pragmatically and what doesn't.  "

All courses from The Pragmatic Studio :

1.Ruby programming with Mike and Nicole Clark

If you learn Ruby, you can master Rails.
Are you using Rails but find yourself getting stuck, or even bogged down? Do you want to really get the most out of Rails? The secret to using the Rails framework effectively is to learn the Ruby programming language. And here's the best part: Learning Ruby has benefits that go beyond Rails or even web programming. Ruby is a powerful tool in its own right. Take the time to learn Ruby now and it will continue to pay off down the road.
You can start learning Ruby today in this online training course! All of the topics and syntax in this course work seamlessly with Ruby 2.0 and 1.9. To learn more, watch the introduction video below or try out the course.

To build solid web apps (fast!), you need a good foundation.
Most folks jump right into Rails. It's absolute bliss for the first few minutes it takes to stand up a web app. Then the real programming begins. If you're comfortable writing Ruby code, it's smooth sailing from there—you'll have sustained productivity throughout the project. But if you don't have a good grasp of the Ruby programming language, then you're in for a bumpy ride. You'll likely end up spending a lot of time trying to figure out why things don't work. You might even resort to copying in some Ruby code you found on the web. Unfortunately, even if it works, you won't understand why.

Learn Ruby this week and you'll save a lot of time and frustration later.
This comprehensive online course puts you back in the driver's seat. You'll learn everything you need to know about Ruby to be a productive Rails programmer. And we take it a step further. You'll also learn Ruby design principles and techniques to help you become a better all-around Ruby programmer. We'll start at the very beginning and work step-by-step to create a complete Ruby program. You'll learn exactly how all the pieces go together, and you'll come away with the confidence that you truly understand Ruby.

 2.Ruby on Rails Programming  with Mike and Nicole Clark

Learn how to build complete Rails 4 apps step by step!
Folks trying to learn Rails tend to struggle with the same issues and ask the same questions. Where's the best place to start? How do all the pieces fit together? What are the Rails conventions really doing behind the scenes? Why does this code work (or not)? Am I doing it the right way? Trying to find answers to those questions on your own takes time away from what you really want to do: create high-quality Rails apps fast! We'll help you cut through all the confusion and get right down to what matters most.
In this comprehensive online training course you'll learn how to build a complete Rails 4 app step-by-step, from idea to deployment. You'll come away with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Rails, and how to put all the pieces together, so you can confidently create your first Rails app or jump right into an existing app. Throughout the course you'll also learn key design principles and practices to help you craft robust and flexible Rails apps.
To learn more about this online course, watch the introduction video below or try out the course.

We're right there with you—from start to finish—with engaging instruction, live coding, and practical hands-on exercises. And since this is an online course, you can start taking it immediately, wherever you're comfortable, and work through it at your own pace.

 3.Ruby on Rails Programming  with Mike and Nicole Clark (Coming Soon)

Advance To The Next Level!
Rails II Course In our Rails 1 course, you built and deployed your first Rails app. Now you're ready to advance to the next level and take your app up a notch!
This second-level course picks up where you left off at the end of the first course. Using the same project-based approach, you'll round out the app with features including user accounts, authentication and authorization, many-to-many relationships, custom routes, and other pro-level design facets.
By popular demand, we're in the process of making this course available online with everything you've come to expect from our online courses: professionally-produced videos, practical hands-on exercises, and lots of example code.

4.Advanced Ruby programming with Mike and Nicole Clark (Coming Soon)

Master the Ruby programming language—to write more powerful libraries or improve your Rails applications—by learning advanced techniques in this hands-on course for intermediate Ruby developers.
You'll come away from this course feeling like a Ruby Master. You'll not just know Ruby in depth, you'll also understand why things are the way they are. You'll have moved beyond the basic toolbox of the average Ruby developer—you'll be able to exploit the libraries and constructs the true pros use to make their code powerful, compact, and fun to work with.
Rest of courses covers:
5.iOS Progamming with Daniel Steinberg, Matt Drance and James Dempsey (On site Training)
6.Mac OS X Programming  with Daniel Steinberg  (On site Training)

So go check this all out :)